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Our Newest Collection is #ToDyeFor



#KeepMovin’ in our cargos! They are made to measure, flexible and practical with BIG pockets so you can stay hands free. 

Wear them with a plain tee in the day or dress them up to wear out at night. 





Fashion, for me, is an inheritance: both my Grandmas used to design and make clothes. I was lucky enough to have access to their tailors from a young age, and I would pick up their extra scrap fabrics and trims to design tops and dresses for myself. The highlight of attending any wedding, navjote, or party was the opportunity to watch one of my designs come alive around me!


Flash forward to 2018, my second year of college: I had to cancel my summer internship because I had fractured my foot. I remember wondering what I could do to occupy myself, and parallelly, I was desperately looking for a jacket with flames on it. I hadn’t been able to find one I liked, so I figured I could just use my time to make one. Once I started, I was hooked; I ended up upcycling 9 jackets, and Fringe by Tii was born.


I thought Fringe would just be a summer project, where I would revamp old denim jackets to make customised designs for friends. They’d tell me what they liked, ranging from movies to quotes to musicians, and I’d use the concept to put a fresh spin on an old item. But the demand for Fringe kept growing, and I ended up working on this every time I returned home from college. 


Thanks to all of your love and support, Fringe has grown so far and so fast from where we started. I’ve released collection after collection, from cargo pants to tie dye to masks to bucket hats. It’s been beautiful to see how many of you support and believe in my ideas ❤️


Fringe is all about comfort: these are your happy clothes, your dancing clothes. My goal is to make Fringe Keep Movin’ with the times and be better than yesterday, everyday.


- Tii


Fringe has moved to repurposed and reusable packaging. 


We make to order and produce small quantities with high quality to ensure durability and discourage fast fashion. 


We try to be more aware of where the materials are coming from and what they're made of.


We encourage customers to upcycle old garments. We surely have a lot more to learn and are constantly  trying our best to move to a more sustainable future in every way we can.

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